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How to draw James Bond step by step

Under this name was hiding brilliant crime fighters of all time. This special agent has many faces, many skills and superhuman capabilities. No, no superpowers. He has thousands of gadgets and a sharp mind, which he uses to destroy the enemy. Let’s learn how to draw James Bond. Since my childhood I liked the films about him and he dreamed of becoming a 007

How to draw James Bond step by step


Films out so far, and all the time they have accumulated more than twenty. What would it involve me? Most likely it is confidence, adventurism, a passion for women. But I do not like his love for alcohol. I am for a healthy lifestyle? And you? Write your opinions in the comments. Читать далее How to draw James Bond step by step

How to draw Steve Jobs

There are many legends about this man. There is no one who has not heard about him. Before I show you how to draw Steve Jobs, I want to say my opinion. Steve Jobs has achieved success in life, became very wealthy, but he can’t win fight with the death. This is another example that we should not strive for fame and fortune. We are all waiting for one and the same fate. People remember what we do, not how much money we have. So follow your path, do not listen to the opinions of those who have no clue.

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Along with Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Pavel Durov it changed life on the whole planet for the better. I am happy that I live in an era of great discoveries. Читать далее How to draw Steve Jobs

How to draw wedding step by step

Now we will learn how to draw wedding.

How to draw wedding

Wedding is the main fear of men, and the greatest happiness for women. I do not know why exactly, but this is the stereotype. It’s one thing to meet with a girl, give flowers, nurture and get the stars from the sky on a regular basis, the other — to tie the knot. Then comes the responsibility. The word, which some men throwing into convulsions. He married, and has not only responsible for his adventures, then you and the wife with her eternal needs, and the kids really arise.

Marriage — a process invented in order to give a higher power, the gods, and someone else there, know that you are here, so beautiful and good, love each other and are ready to live all your life together and die in the same bed. It is not clear why the higher powers know such intimate details, but tradition is tradition. The reason for this is that in those days, when there was no Wikipedia and Google looked like a pile of papyrus, people believed that the gods will punish them for each offense. And it worked, a wife cooking dinner beautiful and delicious, a man defending his home and his family with full dedication.

But the wedding — it’s always great fun. If you remove all the stereotype, that people who go to the wedding, confidence in each other, and it means a lot. Читать далее How to draw wedding step by step

How to draw glasses on a face

Nobody’s perfect. The theory of evolution says that the strongest survives. But in the case with people all is opposite. Our body is fragile. Power barely enough to raise own weight, the speed is at the level of a beaver, and the vision is not an eagle. But a human mind is excellent, and he came up with a lot of inventions. Now let’s talk about this one. You will learn how to draw eyeglasses.

How to draw eyeglasses

Glasses are not for vision improvement, but for its normalization. Most glasses are replaced by lenses, which are more convenient to use, but needs a lot of attention and affection.

In addition, the glasses have a plus, which will never have lenses — they make smart person. Statistically man in glasses looks smarter. But that’s not all. Sunglasses protect us from evil and nasty sun that tries to dazzle us with ultraviolet light.

You can draw this cool device yourself. Читать далее How to draw glasses on a face

How to draw portrait with pencil step by step

Painting portraits is a real challenge for the artist. Achieve good results is extremely difficult if you do not know where to start. The secret is in the initial sketches. With a good foundation, you’ll be able to make a realistic portrait.

how to draw portrait

If you draw on a photo, you should be able to choose a good photo for a portrait of man. Not all the photos that look good for drawing. You should make sure that you can clearly discern all the details. Читать далее How to draw portrait with pencil step by step

How to draw snowboarder step by step

Snowboarding is an Olympic sport. At a first glance it seems like any fifth grader can ride in the snow on the board. However, this sport requires a lot of physical effort, lightning-fast reactions and serious preparation. For easy downhill skiing sports is not considered. Snowboarders come down from the slopes, far from the tourist trail.

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They do not know in advance where the fall, and whether it will be a fatal fall. Stay on board while maneuvering between trees, shrubs, rocks and balancing over precipices, it is extremely difficult and scary for anyone. I want to learn how to ski, and maybe one day make up my mind to do snowboarding. And now I can only dream of, and to draw, let’s do it together: Читать далее How to draw snowboarder step by step

How to draw tango dance step by step

Every festival is accompanied by dancing, except religious and political of course. People like to jump and shake their bodies. This works on the genetic level and has no scientific explanation. We will not argue about it but on the contrary, we will try to draw a dance. This is an art. I chose a popular dance — tango as an example. Have a look at the picture:

How to draw tango dance

This is one of Argentine traditions. The dance is very energetic and rhythmic.

  • You have to harmoniously follow your partner;
  • You have to vary swings, intensity of movements, mimics;
  • You must keep up with the pace;
  • Besides the costume is also necessary.

Try to draw this beautiful dance. Читать далее How to draw tango dance step by step

How to draw a fist step by step

People are actually peaceful creatures. They know how to find compromise in any conflict situation. It will not always satisfy both sides, but they know how to do it. Sometimes they need to use barbaric methods and to use an object which we are going to draw today. We will learn to draw a fist.

How to draw a fist

A fist is a way of non-verbal communication among developed beings. It is considered that the fist possesses clever thoughts and they can be easily delivered into the brain of another person or to any other organs from where they can get to the necessary destination. For better effect you can use a surprise effect. If a person doesn’t wish to change his point of view and doesn’t wait for counterarguments then the fist in his face will bring him back to the reality.

In most of cases the constitution of the fist is similar: bones, blood, flesh, fingers and a lot of energy. To be sure that you will be understood, you can use brass knuckles, lighter, stones and cactus. These invisible ways of delivering information are not yet scientifically researched, but there is an opinion that they are similar to women’s logic.

With the help of your fist you can:

  • Bang on the table and make it clear who is the boss;
  • Steal sweets from the shop;
  • Play games;
  • Tell everyone that you are Chuck Norris if your third fist is under the beard;
  • You can threaten with it;
  • It can be left and right.

It is not very easy to draw it. Читать далее How to draw a fist step by step