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How to draw a wineglass step by step

Christmas and New Year are our favorite holidays. It is the best way to gather people at the table in winter, when it is -40 outside. Women usually prepare a lot of tasty food, men decorate the tree and dress like Santa Clause. But what we could never celebrate them without is a good drink. We will have a glass of champagne or wine. So in this lesson we will draw a wineglass.

How to draw a wineglass step by step

Wineglasses were made for drinking wine. But with time people wished different glasses for different drinks.

  • Classic glasses were made on the shape of Queen of France breast, Marie Antoinette
  • You might have heard that the shape of the glass influences the taste of the drink. Actually nothing proves this theory, so this is up to you if to pay attention to such things or not.
  • Champagne’s quality doesn’t depend on the number of drinks you had. It will fizz even if it’s in a dirty glass. The more dust is in the glass the more it will fizz.

Doctors advise to have some wine (about 200 ml) every day. Good luck with that! Читать далее How to draw a wineglass step by step

How to draw a skeleton step by step

Even before God made a big explosion and created men, dwarfs, elves and other beasts, there existed quite ephemeral creatures: angels, holy spirits, ghosts, etc. the point is that they didn’t have skeletons or to be more precise, no one have ever found them. So here is the question: why is there no flying or spiritual skeletons? Let’s find out how to draw a skeleton.

How to draw a skeleton step by step

A skeleton is the same as a frame without GMO and is used by alive or half-dead living beings. It consists of many bones attached by special glue to each other in order not to fall apart. Its purpose is to maintain the vital organs in a vertical position. It is often used in the field of horrors, nightmares, in biology and in a set for young grave robbers.

It all started with Adam, who was gifted a skeleton. In spite of common sense and knowledge in anatomy he gives his rib to God and asks him to make him a friend. But this friend turned out to be a woman. You know the rest: the lovely creature wished the forbidden fruit and everything flopped. Adam never got his rib back. He lost the meaning of life and started to reproduce. The negative side of a skeleton is that it can break. What else? There are the following types of skeletons:

  • A skeleton of a living organism is interesting only for traumatologists;
  • Archeologists and autopsists are highly interested in skeletons of dead bodies;
  • Halloween turns people into skeletons – extortioners;
  • A skull is a part of a skeleton;
  • Plastic skeleton is a good example of our body structure. You can see it in biology classes, in ensign’s storeroom and in hospitals. You can easily draw it.

And that’s what we are going to do now. Читать далее How to draw a skeleton step by step

How to draw a bed step by step

Sooner or later a time comes when we all need to go to bed. Everyone tries hard to keep himself awake with the help of coffee, or chains himself to the chair in front of his computer, hangs himself upside down or invents other interesting methods. But later he realizes all power of sleep and suddenly falls asleep no matter where he is: at work, on a bus, driving a car or with his face in a salad. But scientists say that such unhealthy sleep does more harm than good. The best way to sleep is in your warm bed. You will feel strong and refreshed in the morning. You can trust me on that, a man exhausted by sleepless nights in search of inspiration. One of our readers asked me to prepare a lesson on how to draw a bed for a little girl or a princess. I found a suitable picture. Have a look!

How to draw a bed step by step

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Our bed plays an important part in our life. It can also serve us as a table or a sleeping place for our pets. Just think what a good trampoline it could be. The bed has two states: tidy and untidy. Sometimes any surface can be your bed, even air, as sleep in vertical position is quite popular especially among students.

How you can use your bed:

  • You can lie on it, if you are bored you can ask someone to join you
  • Chuck Norris uses his bed in two ways: he either kills with it or on it
  • A sofa is not only a state of soul but also a subspecies of uncomfortable, creaking bed. It is used mostly by men.
  • You can always find monsters under it that scare you at night
  • It can fly if you throw it out of the window
  • You fight with flu under your blanket

And now we shall start. Читать далее How to draw a bed step by step

How to draw a cross step by step

Our belief in some extraordinary powers that lead us through life was strong in all ages. A man always needed to be sure that this power helps him to live his life and punish him for his faults. It stimulates the brain. But nowadays it turns out that this power is the same for everyone, but there are hundreds of beliefs. Today I will tell you how to draw a cross.

How to draw a cross step by step

There was a time when a man was shaggy, but he knew that the eyes were watching him from heaven. So people invented a ritual of Oblation. Later these eyes from heaven were given a lot of names, they were called Gods. Then history leads us to Jerusalem in times of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter if you believe in him or not, but he did a lot of good for people. But all the same he was crucified together with criminals and evil people. And that’s when the history of the cross begins.

Somehow the tool for killing such an outstanding person became the symbol of Christianity. And if Christ was poisoned? What then? Believers would drink rat poison? — Though we will not think of such madness.

At that time the cross became the main attribute of Christianity. Its image is used in prayers, rituals and scriptures. I will tell you some interesting details about the cross:

  • Religious Jews avoid the image of a cross considering it to be a bad sign. Even children at school wrote an inverted “T” instead of “+”.
  • An Orthodox cross should have an inscription on it — “Save and Deliver”-that appeared in 19th century.
  • A crusade is a dark spot in history. Everyone wants to forget about them as they brought a lot of victims and sufferings. This was worse than World War II. Читать далее How to draw a cross step by step

How to draw a crown step by step

When it’s cold and frosty outside we start thinking of headwear to keep our head warm. Designers try to create something new and unusual that could make them famous. But what do kings and queens actually wear in winter? Right, they always wear a crown. And today we will learn to draw it.

How to draw a crown step by step

Rich people like to wear not comfortable but beautiful things. And a crown is the most desired among them. Nowadays it can be worn on extremely important occasions. But many years ago it was different. Kings and queens were supposed to wear their crowns 24 hours a day. To carry 5 kg on your head must be not easy. I wouldn’t envy them.

Now I would like to tell you more about crowns and their owners:

  • The most beautiful and precious crown has Prince of Wales. It was made by David Mason. The crown had a little secret that was revealed only years later: the big ball on top of it turned out to be agilded tennis ball. Though the jeweler didn’t mean to cheat, he just thought that a real golden ball would be too heavy and a poor prince could break his neck.
  • Kings can be poor too. George IV, the greatest king, borrowed a crown when he needed it. He had no money, but a king must have a crown. He could allow to borrow it only for a day.
  • Russians were more inventive. Their kings (tsars) didn’t need crowns, they had a special hat, one hat for all kings. Very smart! Besides the hat was warm and good for winter.

Let’s try to draw now. Читать далее How to draw a crown step by step

How to draw a bell step by step

A bell is used every day in religious institutions for inviting people to attend a service or celebrate holidays. You can use small bells for cattle when they get lost or you could attach it to your door if you live as a recluse without electricity. A bell has a domed shape with a lug inside that produces the sound by hitting against the bell. The biggest bell in the world is the Tsar Bell. It weighs 201,924 kg and is located in Moscow Kremlin.

How to draw a bell step by step

Campanology is the study of bells. Let me tell you a little about it:

  • Synchronous sound of bells is called Mellow Chime.
  • You think Big Ben is the name of the tower in London? I will disappoint you, it’s not a tower and not even a big clock, this name was given to the Bell as it was the biggest bell at the time it was made. And later people started to call Big Ben the whole tower.
  • There is a tradition to ring the bell on ships when a new captain comes.

And now let’s start drawing. Читать далее How to draw a bell step by step

How to draw money step by step

What is the sense of life? We could try to say that we live for our kids or to protect our planet. Some of us consider our existence as superior power, that we were created by some alien race. But life is such a complicated thing! It’s hard to understand it. If to think about it we will find that the sense of life is money according to many people. That’s why I will tell you how to draw money.

How to draw money step 5

Our life depends on it in many ways. Of course money is not as important as air for us, but we are nothing without it. One smart man said that happiness is not about money, but we will hardly find happiness without it. It’s simple. We are beautiful, healthy and attractive thanks to money. Is it so bad? I don’t think so, as it is a part of human nature to want a good life. Utopians could imagine world without money, but it’s not possible physically, as we need “bread and circuses”.

Here are some facts about this paper:

  • Money has not always been made of paper. Before they used mostly coins. The heaviest one was a Swedish coin. Its weight was about 19 kg. It was not easy to carry such money with you.
  • You don’t have to return money you borrowed. The Celts were sure you can do it in the other world. It doesn’t work nowadays! It would be great if you could come to the bank and ask for a couple of thousands promising to pay them back in the afterlife.
  • Everybody knows that famous men are depicted on coins or banknotes. And usually it’s males. Though there is one exception –Martha Washington. She is the only female whose portrait is carved on a dollar silver coin.

I would recommend you not to tell anyone about this lesson, as drawing money is not legal. Though we shouldn’t be scared, even gypsies wouldn’t be interested in our money. Читать далее How to draw money step by step

How to draw an aquarium step by step

When we hear the word World or Universe, we imagine a place inhabited by strange creatures that look like humans, spirits, fans of reality shows or other scum. But there are other worlds. And today we will talk about the water world. And it will be not our toilet, but an aquarium that we will learn to draw.

How to draw an aquarium step 5

The water world fascinates everyone. We can stare at the aquarium for hours watching everyday life of scaled of different sizes and kinds. There is more water than dry land on the earth but not to all places people had put their aqualungs. The water world is not completely examined. We can only imagine what’s there on the very bottom. There may be huge shrimps hungry for revenge or lovely mermaids.

If to believe evolutionists, we all got out of the water. And a fish is our ancestor. Listen to this story: once upon a time the Earth was empty and dead. There was not a single germ there. There was only wind and hot lava around. But one day a meteorite came to the earth and hit it so strong that different mutation started to take place. We will not talk about the whole process, but soon germs from space got into the water and started to interact with the environment. This is how first organisms appeared on the earth. And this is where we live now in our cozy homes with aquariums.

Let me tell you some more facts about aquariums:

  • Did you know that catfish like to swim with their bellies up? And they even feel great while doing it. If you ever see that don’t hurry with cardiac massage.
  • Another interesting fish is a knife-fish. It is very popular because she doesn’t have either pectorals or dorsal fins. It swims only with the help of a rear fin.
  • Anostomus spends the biggest part of its life in vertical position. Their coloring helps them to hide among seaweed. If this doesn’t help, they can change the position to horizontal and run away.

Watching fish soothes me. And what about you?It’s like hypnosis. It seems like they swim so slow and the time stops for a while. I want to have an aquarium so much, that’s why I drew it. And I recommend you to do the same. Читать далее How to draw an aquarium step by step