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How to draw Ford Mustang step by step

This machine is made of a reliable metal, no cheap Chinese plastic. Even if at that time (in 1968) and were able to make interior plastic, still would not do it. It is not cool. Americans know a lot of coolness, and will not allow anyone in the world around them in this.

How to draw Ford Mustang

Before we show you how to draw Ford Mustang, I will talk about its features. More precisely, it is now considered by some unusual, but in the seventies, this design was considered the most common. Ford Mustang has three-stage gearbox, automatic. Leather is made of wood. And to open the door, the handle should be pulled first over and then up. There is no anywhere else in the world. Upper door frame is not present, it is very convenient by landing.

And in the American cars of that time the belts do not stretch. They are simply fastened, and there were two things: horizontal on the stomach, chest and upright.

The car consumes a lot of gasoline. But it is loud, tough, masculine and cool.

This car cannot go more than 120 kilometers per hour. But it is not necessary. When you first moved, feeling that this is a missile. Читать далее How to draw Ford Mustang step by step

How to draw Bugatti Veyron step by step

Fuel consumption in this beauty car at a speed of 400 km per hour is 100 liters per 100 kilometers. Full tank is enough for less than 12 minutes. It has two clutches and two assists while working, so it does not feel shaking. When you drive this car you feel something like swiming.

How to draw Bugatti Veyron

If you buy this car, you will get more bonuses, such us:

  1. You can get the god level;
  2. You can get all the girls on this planet;
  3. Insurance for all life;
  4. Free promotion in all the Internet and Facebook;

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How to draw a boat step by step

Nature has bestowed us with four limbs that usually grow out of the wrong place and with the brain. Thanks to the brain people always want something. They want to conquer the universe, fly with the speed of light and eat yogurts. They also want to swim with the help of the device we are going to draw now. We will draw a boat.

How to draw a boat

A boat is a water vehicle that consists of atoms and molecules of the wood. It is popular thanks to its mobility. Besides it is light and unsinkable. If it gets drowned it will turn into a submarine.

  • Boats are made of special wood that doesn’t either swell or get rotten in water.
  • An average boat can accommodate 3 people and a dog.
  • Its name changes from country to country. There are also many different kinds of boats.
  • There is also a flying boat – a plane.

It is difficult to make a boat, but much easier is to draw it. Читать далее How to draw a boat step by step

How to draw Lamborghini step by step

When it comes to cool cars you have strong salivation, lump in the throat and butterflies in your stomach. It is always pleasant to imagine yourself in such car driving along the highway with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of whiskey in another one. But it is very expensive. There is a cheaper way to make your dream a reality. Today we will draw Lamborghini.

How to draw Lamborghini

Lamborghini is the latest version of a washing machine that breaks all the records. It is the most expensive and beautiful car. It reminds a car that was run over by a tank. As it was not first intended to be used as a vehicle, it can hardly be used for ordinary roads as it needs a perfectly smooth surface.

  • On average the company produced about 2300 of cars. Some of them go to Russia to the exhibitions. Sometimes they are used as a décor as the roads are too terrible.
  • For long time the company hasn’t produced any racing cars, but when the Director understood how much money such business can bring, he forgot all and started to produce sports cars.

I envy you if you can afford such toy. But I can draw it! Читать далее How to draw Lamborghini step by step

How to draw a sailing boat step by step

Long before Titanic got drowned people used special boards with dirty sheets attached for traveling on water. The tradition to use sheets on water is still alive, but nowadays it is more used for entertainment. Nevertheless it is interesting, that’s why today we will draw a sailing boat.

How to draw a sailing boat

A boat is a device for sailing with the help of the wind. It is perfect and cheap. Besides:

  • A ship/boat is also a fish that spent a lot of time among ships and its upper fin mutated into a sheet.
  • The best way to become seasick is to run along the deck during the storm.
  • Usually the boat cannot swim on land, but if it happens then there will be many victims.

It is much easier to draw the boat than to buy it. Let’s do it. Читать далее How to draw a sailing boat step by step

How to draw a carriage step by step

This lesson is for those who have attraction for horses and the Middle Ages. We will draw a carriage.

How to draw a carriage

A carriage is a kind of car which aim is to humiliate the rights of animals and to make people feel superior to them. A carriage doesn’t need pipes and petrol, but a lot of vegetation. As any transport it has a seat for a driver and first aid kit with fire extinguisher. All the rest is fiction of the tourists.

Any carriage is staffed with glass shoes, rats and fairies. Nowadays it is popular among tourists who consider it a luxury. They usually enjoy observing the back parts of horses. Bad smell makes them happy.

If you have a carriage:

  • You don’t need a driving license and vehicle inspection. But it will need food and cleaning after it;
  • First carriage was designed as a spaceship, but unfortunately Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation;
  • Usually horses are not replaced by people, but if it happens than you are in Asia. Such phenomenon is called rickshaw.

Try to draw it now. Читать далее How to draw a carriage step by step

How to draw a yacht step by step

To dispel the myth that there are only pirates and oil tankers in the sea I decided to tell you more about this subject. For instance, in the Dead Sea there is only ghostly plankton and the color of the Yellow Sea causes unkind thoughts that someone used it as a toilet. Actually you can find a lot of things in the sea and today we will draw one of them – a yacht.

How to draw a yacht

A yacht is a civil fighting unit for personal use. It is used to transport beautiful women. You can find it on the shore as mostly the owner of the yacht cannot operate it. The main thing is to give it a right name. We all heard about the yachts called Disaster, Flying Dutchman and Mermaid. Often the yachts are used as a place for parties.

  • The yacht Venus was created by Steve Jobs. Unfortunately he died after he finished it.
  • Eclipse is the biggest yacht ever and nobody knows who owns it.
  • The most expensive yacht is History Supreme. It is golden in various senses of this word. It was made of 100 000 kg of gold and platinum.
  • For long time, yachts were used only as a means of transportation. So it was until regattas appeared.

And now we will try to draw it. Читать далее How to draw a yacht step by step

How to draw a rocket step by step

People are insatiable. It’s not enough for them to have the whole planet at their disposal, with its nature, resources and possibilities. They need the whole universe. They need myriads of stars, planetary systems and space. So people started to fly into space. Let’s see how to draw a rocket.

How to draw a rocket

Honestly, I think that people are too curious. They want to poke their nose into the black holes, fly to the moon and launch probes. And they want to get in touch with aliens.

Though we have no idea about life on other planets and whether it exists at all, but we plan to inhabit Mars by 2025.

  • The space industry gets more money from the government than any other industry.
  • Recently there has been built the first private spaceship and one ticket costs 1 million dollars! But people got so mad that all the tickets were sold.
  • Perhaps, we will meet someone in space. We have all for travelling but there is nothing for our protection from possible attacks. We have nothing to destroy big meteorites and asteroids; we cannot protect our planet from explosions on the sun! But don’t worry, all will be just fine.

On the other hand we need to know what is happening outside our planet. Читать далее How to draw a rocket step by step

How to draw skates step by step

Winter is coming. It will bring presents, frostbitten limbs, flue and tangerines. It will be cold and frosty. Winter is for fun, skiing, sledging and of course skating. Let’s talk about skating. Today we will try to draw skates.

How to draw skates

Skating is more for girls. Men prefer strip bars, computers and screwing light bulbs. Girls look great on the ice. Skates are like decorative animals: beautiful but useless. I like roller-skates more, but girls love to watch men who are engaged in figure skating. What excites them so much, nobody knows. So if you want to impress girls, learn to skate.

How can you use skates?

  • Their blades are as sharp as a knife. So you could cut bread, sausage and other stuff with them. Very useful thing!
  • Besides it is a good vehicle. Convenient and practical. But you must be very careful on the road.
  • And for sure this is a lot of fun!

This is how we spend winter: eating tinned food and skating. I recommend you to go to the skating rink and you will have a great time. Now let’s try to draw. Читать далее How to draw skates step by step

How to draw a tractor step by step

Today we will learn to draw a tractor. First I will tell you some unusual ways to use it:

  • The first tractor was invented in 1892 in the USA.
  • In the beginning of the World War there were no tanks. So what did they do? They turned tractors into tanks with the help of armor-plating and fake guns. So the enemy got scared at the sight of such monster and ran away.
  • There is a kind of sport – tractor racing. Officially it is called Bizon — Track -Show. I would like to participate in that!

There are many types of tractors and they are used for multiple purposes. Such a famous vehicle!

Perhaps you know other ways to use it? If yes, then write about it in comments.

Let’s draw now. Читать далее How to draw a tractor step by step