How to draw a beaver step by step

A beaver is a quite evil creature in nature. He possesses professional skills of a builder. His life goal is to cut down as many trees as possible and to make the largest home among other rodents. In this lesson I will show you how to draw a beaver.

how to draw a beaver step 4For a beginning you need to know that the name beaver comes from the German word Bieber (Justin shouldn’t take it as an offense). They both cannot sing, besides a beaver is much more useful for society. Though he has less fans.

A beaver is so cool :

  • You can find him on a nickel in Canada and on Belorussian banknotes.
  • He can remain 15 minutes under the water and swim 1 km at the same time.
  • He needs 5 minutes to cut down a tree.

This is all I know about beavers, so let’s start to draw. Читать далее How to draw a beaver step by step

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